Güneyi Vural

Geography Teacher

at Robert College


“Geography represents travel and expands the field of vision not a little. It makes us citizens of the world and connects us to the most distant nations. Without them, we are limited to the city, province, empire in which we live. Without them, no matter what you have learned, you remain limited and cramped. Nothing educates and cultivates common sense more than geography.”

(quote from Immanuel Kant, 1724-1804)

Geography Teacher

Currently, I am working as a geography teacher at American Robert College of Istanbul. I believe in lifelong learning. My most prominent ideal is to revive the idea of learning in my students. I think that the most significant problems nowadays are climate change. For this reason, I usually focus on solving such issues with my students in my classes. My main goal is to establish an understanding of sustainability in terms of the environment as a priority, no matter what my students do in the future.

  • Birthday: 1990
  • Email: guneyivurall@gmail.com
  • Linkedin: Güneyi Vural
  • City: Istanbul, Turkey



Geography (with honor)


Istanbul University

Undergraduate B.A

Certificates in Pedagogy


Istanbul University

Archeology (Double Major)


Istanbul University

Undergraduate B.A




Istanbul University

Graduate M.A

Geographic Information Technologies


Istanbul Technical University

Graduate M.S

Professional Experience

Robbert College

2021 - Present

Geography Teacher

Eyup municipality in Istanbul

2017 - 2020

Geography Teacher

Ali Rıza Ozderici High School in Istanbul


Geography Teacher


Eyup High School in Istanbul


Geography Teacher

Archelogical Excavation in Nigde (Tepecik-Çiftlik)




Geoscience Education


Science Education


Political Geography

Geographic Information Science

Environmental History

Additional Education & Certificates

10-19 June 2010 GIS project and certificate of participation. A group of friends of mine and I researched flood and ıts effects on the Tunca River in GIS, and we have a book about what we have studied. Also, this project was supported by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey).

Usıng computer(160 hours)

Photo shoot(96 hours)

Advanced using office programme(60 hours)

Body Language (15 hours)

Certıfıcate of Getting started with GIS ( for ArcGIS 10.0) from ESRİ

Turning Data İnto İnformation Using ArcGIS 10.0 from ESRİ

ArcGIS Pro: Essential Workflows (24 hours)

Introduction to GIS Using ArcGIS (16 hours)


Conference Papers

Gönençgil, B., Vural, G. (2016). Çevre tarihi açısından küçük buzul çağı ve sosyal etkileri (In terms of environmental history little ice age and its social effects) International Geography Symposium 13-14 October 2016, Ankara

Mutlu A., Vural, G.., Aydın Ö., Güney B., Hamamcı S, M., Aya A., Sur N., Uluğtekin N., Balçık F, B. (2017). Bodrum Turistik Bilgi Sistemi Web ve Mobil Uygulamaları (Bodrum Touristic Information System Web and Mobile Applications) Turkey Map Scıentıfıc And Technıcal Congress, Geoinformation Technologies and Software Fair, 3-6 May 2017, Hacettepe Unıversity, Ankara

Vural, G., Dogru A.O., Demirel H., Seker D.Z. (2018): Visual analysis of human migration activities to Europe using GIS, Euroasian GIS 2018 Congress, 04-07 September 2018, Baku, Azerbaijan. (Oral Presentation-Published Abstract)


You can read my essay titled Environmental Awareness Through Geography Education on page 8 of this journal by clicking below.

Theses Summaries

Visual Analysis For Migration Routes Of Immigrants Who Have Gone To Europe Between 2009 And 2017 Using Gis

Migration means moving from one area to Another permanently or temporarily and it dates back to the ages of early homo sapiens. Although it has different means for different eras, today, the migration phenomenon caused by wars and natural disasters and it flows from undeveloped and developing countries to developed ones. In addition to this, in general, there are some driving factors. First of all are security problems, high crime rates, crops fail especially in rural areas, floodings, poverty, and wars. Another driving factors are good job opportunities, high living standard, good weather conditions, more secure places and low crime rates, political stability, fertile lands, low-risk proportion of natural disasters. ... [Read More]

Little Ice Age (1300-1850): A Focus On Physical Features And Effects On Humans

In general terms, Lıttle Ice Age can be defined as a period of between 1300-1850 when the temperature decreased at least 1oC which gave rise to the icrease in the expansion areas of glaciers having an impact in every other ragion in the World at different ranges with sudden climatic oscillation. While this period of time is named as Lıttle Ice Age, it can be wrong to speak of a global era affecting the whole world in the same extend. The impact shows changes according to time and space. Furthermore, the factor making Lıttle Ice Age important is especially the effects it created on different societies. During this period of time, many revolts (Celali Revolts), social events (French Revolution) and wars took place. All these events are relation between these two is tried to be revealed. ... [Read More]


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